AriaTickets Check in Apps

Now you can check how many tickets have been sold live. anytime anywhere.

With AriaTickets check-in apps.

AriaTickets  Check-in apps are the key ingredient on the day of the events.

It is used to scan tickets previously purchased on your AriaTickets-powered website.

Check-in apps can be downloaded via following links



Chrome desktop app

Ones you install any of this apps. we will provide you the API key and URL. After you have entered the correct information, tap Sign In and if everything is correct and your smartphone has internet connection, the app will sync with the data on your AriaTickets powered website and you should get the Stats screen informing how many tickets are sold and how many are checked in like shown on the picture below:

So, in this list, you can manually search an attendee by his/her name and/or order ID. When tapped on the name, you will be offered to check the attendee without scanning a ticket. However, it is advised that you use this method only if the ticket is damaged and the scanning is impossible since it will slow down check-in process tremendously.

How its work!

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